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Although we are known for our expertise in the art of esthetic dentistry and transforming smiles, we pride ourselves on providing high quality dental care to patients of all ages. The center treats all aspects of dentistry from simple fillings to full mouth reconstructions with great focus on prevention and oral health promotion as regular check-ups and hygiene procedures are crucial to our preventative plan to help keep your teeth and gums healthy for a strong foundation. We are one of a handful of dental practices in the region who invests heavily in dental technology to offer our patients the very latest in dentistry.


Patients will be under the care of a professional team of orthodontists, periodontists and dental hygienists. Services range from a simple teeth cleaning to reconstruction of complex maxillofacial defects and esthetic makeovers.


As part of our ongoing effort to disseminate key oral health messages, educational publications are distributed on regular basis to raise awareness of the importance of dental care and its major role in affecting the general health.


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International Medical Center
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