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Offering expert ophthalmic care on the hands of a committed team of professional ophthalmologists, the center also provides a comfortable setting to make the treatment as effective and convenient as possible for its wide range of patients. We provide consultant knowledge and comprehensive service to all patients regardless of the eye condition. Our patients’ care is delivered and supported by multi-disciplinary expert teams according to each patient’s set of needs.


In addition, the Eye Center provides the newest technologies in the field such as the blade-free Femto-LASIK surgery, one of the revolutionary advancements of sight correction treatment today. Vision problems in children, which are usually difficult to detect, are better identified with the provided technology, as early diagnosis of conditions such as deviated eye and amblyopia is highly critical to the outcome.


Also, the center is keen on promoting preventive practices through routine check-ups, especially for chronic diseases such as glaucoma and cataract under the strong belief that with early detection and intense follow-up, patients will have better chances of recovery.


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International Medical Center
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