Medical Imaging Department
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Medical imaging is regarded as one of the hallmarks of modern medicine and the IMC combines reliable, prompt and accurate image-reading by senior consultant radiologists with leading edge technology in medical imaging technologies. Various imaging tests are available at the hospital starting from the fast and easy X-ray examination of a broken bone to the very accurate Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). Other services like ultrasound, Computed Tomography (CT) scans, and mammograms.


The frightening experience of being enclosed in an MRI machine has become a thing of the past. IMC patients do not have to go through that disorienting experience anymore, as the Ambient Lighting; a system that provides more accuracy and more. It will take the edge off through soothing sounds of nature and multi-dimensional images according to the patient’s will. This system was first utilized as the IMC as it was the first hospital in the region to acquire this system and in its latest features.


To complement the information obtained by the previous medical imaging technologies, the Nuclear Medicine is also employed at the IMC and in its most advanced modalities. This technology permits early diagnosis and render many invasive procedures unnecessary. All the equipment meets high standards and is checked periodically so that professional technologists conduct each case in a safe, comfortable environment.


The Medical Imaging Department is characterized excitement and talent as radiology is a rapidly evolving specialty. We have so much optimism and a commitment to keep working as a team to continuously improve our knowledge and clinical performance.


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