Nephrology Department




The department is led by a team of nephrology consultants and certified nurses. It offers clinical consultation and management of kidney diseases, urinary disorders, renal complications of diabetes and kidney stones. It also provides specialty care in renal replacement therapy; hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis. A medical team of practicing nephrologists works closely with other specialists such as endocrinologists to provide comprehensive, effective care.


The Dialysis Center is designed particularly to promote comfort among patients by locating the nurses’ station at the center of the patient treatment area which is completely private in respect of patients’ personal space. This design along with the strict policy of assigning one patient to each nurse plays a pivotal role in creating the right environment for effective treatment. The IMC considers the delicate state of dialysis patients and how treatment can be difficult and overwhelming; therefore, the center strives to make the patients’ visits more comfortable with time through the hard work of a friendly team trained to deal with such sensitive situations on individual basis.

Contact Information
Department Contact Info 

International Medical Center
PO Box 2172 Jeddah 21451
Saudi Arabia

Floor: Ground

Phone: +966 12 650 9000
Fax:  0126509001