Plastic Surgery and Dermatology Center




The center is known for providing expert clinical care following the latest technologies the field has to offer. It is an outstanding exemplary of a warm, friendly, and supportive environment where each patient is treated as a unique individual with a particular set of needs. Patients will find the most gifted plastic surgeons and have access to the latest in plastic and cosmetics surgery. The center offers a full spectrum of services such as laser treatment, breast implants, face/ neck lift, liposuction, tummy tuck, thigh lift, upper arm lift, brow lift, ear correction, Botox and lips enhancement mostly done in same-day-basis procedures.


For patients who have successfully completed a weight loss surgery, they can benefit from many procedures of post-bariatric surgery. These procedures will help those who struggle with loose skin after major weight change.


Whether it is a reconstructive surgery to restore a bodily form or function changed by some health problems or a cosmetic surgery to transform your appearance, we believe that our job is to listen to you, provide your expectations with deep knowledge, discuss your options and help you arrive at the right decision. Furthermore, all of these high quality services are conducted in a setting of utmost privacy and safety at all times.


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Department Contact Info 

International Medical Center
PO Box 2172 Jeddah 21451
Saudi Arabia

Floor: 4th

Phone: +966 12 650 9000
Fax:  0126509001