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Our Rehabilitation Center team includes specialists who work together to provide a comprehensive rehabilitative care for patients who suffer impairments, functional limitations and disabilities. The center places a great emphasis on individuality when developing the treatment plan. It starts treatment by running a thorough evaluation to identify the problem and building a well-organized plan for a certain amount of time. Patients are expected to cooperate and follow through with the help and constant supervision of a specialist.


Bearing in mind every patient’s desire of going back to everyday activities, the center offers rehabilitative program for post-surgery such as knee replacement and ankle reconstruction. By the help of the supportive environment provided by our physical therapists and the whole team of the Rehabilitation Center, patients will regain their old lifestyle in reasonable and, more importantly, balanced period of time.


The center offers special programs to raise awareness among patients such as how to reach the highest possible level of function and independence in their daily activities. Our most valuable mission is guiding patients to take control over their lives, despite their illnesses and health limitations.


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