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Women of all ages now have the opportunity to obtain professional care and in-depth medical knowledge at the Women’s Health Center. Within a supportive environment, Board-certified gynecologists offer specialty care in adolescence health, premarital screening, birth control, gynecological management, critical pregnancy clinic, sexual dysfunction and social services. The hospital’s reputable expertise in obstetrics makes newly mothers feel safe in the hands of our experienced doctors. We are committed to make the patients’ stay a joyful one through comprehensive prenatal care with the belief that every woman should receive personalized care throughout pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal period as well.


To turn your dream of parenthood into a reality, the IMC established the Assisted Reproductive Technology Unit (ART) to provide diagnosis and treatment for conditions that obstruct conception and provide patients with access to the most advanced fertility treatment. Services cover a full range of problems including infertility, recurrent pregnancy loss, amenorrhea, abnormal uterine bleeding, endometriosis, premature ovarian failure, congenital uterine anomalies and risk of genetic disorders in offspring. Moreover, the center is recognized internationally for its outstanding success rates in helping struggling couples start their families and is proud to be a part of many happy families.


One example of the utmost care provided for newly mothers is clear in installing “Hugs & Kisses”, the newborns security system that is trusted by hundreds of hospitals worldwide. The IMC was the first hospital to operate this system achieving an unprecedented level of safety for infants against abduction or mismatch and is proud to have raised the level of quality care in the region as, recently, other hospitals followed suit.


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