General Surgery
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Most patients choose the IMC when they are looking for an environment designed for quality, comfort, safety and privacy. Our surgeons perform a broad range of surgical procedures within a facility that is equipped with cutting-edge technologies in laparoscopic and specialized surgeries. We also provide satellite connection for real-time collaboration and information sharing with international physicians via live transmissions during complex surgeries. As such, medical experts from various specialties collaborate to plan the most effective and individualized treatment possible for each patient.


As anesthesia has a vital role in preparing patients for surgery, our anesthesiologists have advanced knowledge of both medical illnesses as well as the effects inflicted on the body by the performed operation. Preoperative evaluation either brief or prolonged according to the patient’s condition, however, this evaluation will include a focused history and physical examination and review of all laboratory results. During every operation, an anesthesiologist will monitor the patient continuously, breathing, temperature, fluids and blood pressure. Any abnormalities that might occur during any surgery will be immediately corrected by the supervising member of the anesthesia care team.


All combined; skilled surgeons, advanced technology and prompt consultation will definitely increase success rates and minimize risk factors. Thus, our true measure of a successful surgery depends only on the patient satisfaction with the outcomes.


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