Urology and Andrology Department
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Any urological disorder or illness can affect the daily life of an individual in a serious way and any disease affecting this system or impairing its ability ultimately becomes a life-threatening problem. Therefore, the IMC constantly encourages patients to take matters into their own hands and give their bodies a proper attention.


Our specialists are fully aware of the many psychological barriers that prevent most patients from expressing their concerns and seeking treatment. Their skills and experience in treading carefully around these associated circumstances allow them to ease the patient’s concerns, which in its turn allow patients the benefit of early detection.


The department encompasses expertise in all subspecialties of urologic care and employs management modalities that include both medical and surgical approaches to urologic cancer, prostate diseases, minimally invasive surgery incontinence, female urology, comprehensive kidney stone management and sexual dysfunctions.


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International Medical Center
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Phone: +966 12 650 9000
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