International Patients Office


As an organization that promotes and facilitates global scientific collaboration, our annual volume of international patients has grown rapidly. Our team of physicians, administrators, interpreters and international care liaisons coordinate all aspects of each patient’s visit within a culturally sensitive milieu. From managing medical consultations and hospital admissions to travel and hotel arrangements, our staff is committed to make the patients and their companions receive individualized and coordinated care throughout their stay. We are committed to personalized care from the moment our liaisons start the initial inquiries through the patient’s medical reports which successfully leads to a comfortable stay.


Aside from the necessary traveling medical care, patients can have full comprehensive check-up and sophisticated medical tests according to the patient’s needs. Our quality medical services are provided within suitable packages and offers designed especially for our international patients with limited time frame.


Determined to create a home away from home for our international patients, a dedicated team of multilingual patient representatives, fluent in English, French, German, Hausa and Urdu, will assist you starting with appointments, check-in and all your daily requirements.